Optimism is the ability to see the bright side of things.  The things that make me see that are fashion, music, and movies.

As an author {with co-author/editor MR!!}, it takes a lot of inspiration from the outside world to be able to come up with a completely original idea that people will like and enjoy.  So far, I’ve written some unfinished drafts in the genres of fantasy and science fiction.

Recently, I decided I want to write something that other teenagers can relate to: a high school life misunderstood by everybody but themselves with a crazy summer romance.  A.k.a. realistic fiction.  This is the idea debut of “Save Me.”

Jessica “Essie” Winters is an 18 year old senior at Thatcher High School in New York who just wants to finish high school and get into one of her dream colleges.  Her mother’s a nurse, her father an unspeakable enemy who ran away with a 30-year-old-bad-decision-making woman when Essie was three years old.  When a beginning-of-the-year party goes wrong, the most worshipped guy in school gets into a car crash that leaves him in the hospital with multiple injuries.  Her summer plans drowned, the new plan for Essie is to be the caretaker of the newest patient, ironically the car crash victim.  The victim is Alex McGinney, revered CEO Jamie McGinney’s son, who wants nothing more than to get out of the hospital before football season starts back up again.  Then he meets Essie.  She’s different: a free spirit that loves alternative music and doing things the different way.  Through his two months in the hospital, they slowly start falling in love after both having a death scare.  Her only condition for spending time with him: she can’t tell anybody at school.  He keeps his promise, only to shatter Essie’s heart when he acts as though he doesn’t even know her.  He goes back to being the rude, ignorant jerk she thought he was in the first place.  Zoe, Essie’s little sister, goes through a trauma neither of them can come back from.  Essie’s life starts falling to pieces, and she makes the hardest decision she can possibly make.

So, does it sound like a good book? Comment below about what you want to happen or what you think the plot twist is at the end! {No spoilers, MR!}


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