Starting Fresh

So as you can see, my blog got a makeover {scroll down and the balloons will move!} and my blogger buddie MR has officially converted me into….wait for it….a fashion blogger.  {everybody reading this swoons and faints from the surprise}

Yes, I know, right?  I was just browsing Pinterest and Forever 21 and I had an epiphany {when I realize what this means, I will gasp [see what I did there?]}.  I wanted to blog about fashion.

So, here is my wish list for May:

{Lovely Ring Set, $4.50, Forever 21}

These rings are adorable and I have an unhealthy addiction to them. My absolute most favorite ring {my princess tiara} was stolen! I accidentally left it on a bathroom counter at a GHMB competition and somebody had the nerve to TAKE it. People these days. *huff*

{Wayfarer Glasses Studs, $1.50, Forever 21}

Okay, wayfarers are my summer necessity and earrings are just awesome.  Also, for $1.50?! Such a bargain!

{Floral Chambray Romper w/belt, $22.80, Forever 21}

I honestly want a romper but I can never find one that would suit my kind of style and this is just gorgeous.

{High-Low Combo Dress, $14.80, Forever 21}

Okay, so I know some people are against the high-low trend, but I think they’re gorgeous!  The flowy lines are so chic and they accentuate your legs {which comes in handy for short people like me}. For only about $15, I’d buy it.

So what are your favorite trends?  Comment below about it or something you liked above!


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