The Killer

The Killer

Black skinny jeans
$22 –

Oxford shoes

Agent Ninetynine cashmere beanie
$28 –


You Are My Sunshine

You Are My Sunshine

Forever 21 top

House of Holland striped jeans
$220 –

Slouch hat

Marilyn’s Style

Marilyn's Style

Prom clutch
$61 –

Shu uemura face cleanser
$47 –

Essie nail polish

Dorothy for a Day

Dorothy for a Day

Channeling a Rainy Day

Channeling a Rainy Day


Sodamix long skirt
$24 –

Ballet shoes

Tan leather bag
$250 –

Matthew Williamson hair accessory
$190 –

Hair accessory

Queen of Hearts

Queen of Hearts

The Alternative

Like my character Essie, I love alternative music.  Here is the definition of alternative music: 

Part of Speech:    noun
Definition:    a catch-all term for the newest rock music, which has not been around long enough to acquire a specific name
Examples:    Alternative music embodies many sub-genres including: Indie Rock, Alt Folk, Gothic, Brit-Pop, Alt Country, Adult Alternative, Shoegazer, Heavy Metal, Grunge, Post-Punk, New Wave, Post-Rock, and more.

My favorite bands include {but are not limited to}: Mayday Parade, fun., Go Radio, Paramore, Imagine Dragons {pre-“It’s Time” era}, My Chemical Romance, and We the Kings.

I like alternative because it’s a different side of music, one that expresses feelings you didn’t even know could be put into words.  It sends a message through lyrics and you can hear the emotion in  the singer’s voice, not like pop music when they sing about drugs and partying and other stereotypical activities.  Sometimes you can even relate to the lyrics, like We the Kings new-ish song, “Just Keep Breathing”, which tells you that you just need to persevere and you can make it through a tough situation. 

What are your favorite bands/genre and why?  The first commenter gets……..